Her bass player told her: « That's surprising… You wrote a quite out of ordinary bass score!?!»

- Well, she answered, if it's not right, we can still change it...

- Are you kidding me? he replied, it's brilliant. Let's do it!"


She composes with her voice, so inevitably you feel it in her writing.


She started singing classes and musical studies at the age of 15, then entered the most prestigious music school of France "Le conservatoire national supérieur de musique" in Paris at 25. She finaly went in Italy to perfect her vocal technic at the "Scuola Mucicale di Milano". At the same time, she tought singing as a vocal coach in the artistic professional school "AID-Espace Lauriston" in Paris.

She performed in several opera productions and recitals and spend long hours in musical studios, recording for contemporary composers. 

But quickly feeling narrowed in those academic methods she studied computer music and digital samplers at the "Aubervilliers" conservatory with Jonathan Pontier and Jean-Yves Bernhard.

Then she started, behind her microphone, breaking the rules in order to build music her own way. So, the story began!

With her loop station, she started to perform on small parisian stages and bars. Her curiosity brought her to share her music with a Hip-hop Beat boxer, with the Taïko drums group named « Paris Taïko Ensemble » and with the gypsy jazz clarinettist Vincent Griveau.


She released her first self produced 6 tracks EP, and got engaged by two artistic residencies in Seine-et-Marne. Unfortunately, due to professional  issues with her musicians, she had to make the important decision of changing her team. Upheaval but change for the better !

With her new crew, music is back on the road in 2014. No compromises nor excuses anymore: just good sound! 

Working together in the same direction and finding the right balance between each others, her new band brings her peace and strength. She then goes back on stage with a whole new sound and energy.

Mademoiselle Théodore's concerts are an invitation to a beautiful journey, in which she gives her audience colorful melodies and vivid pictures of life. 

Her one of a kind approach to music draws her front jazz, pop and electro but not only! .....

She is delighted to know that her approach to music can't be labeled.

Imperceptible style, plural music, operatic reminiscence....


Mademoiselle Théodore is a light and dark, strong and funny personality. But most of all, she creates from her soul, shaken with love, wounds and the healing in which response happiness:  « le bonheur est en soi, c’est là qu’il se nomme. » ("Happiness lives inside of us, it's where we have to find it." )


Her voice stands ready to meet you!




First show at the Batofar (Paris)



Artistic residency in "Le Théâtre du Moustier" at Thorigny-sur-Marne (77)



2014 First self-produced EP (6 tracks)


Winner of the

"2014 KR Discoveries" contest